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Which is the best washing machine in India? (out of top 10 bestsellers)

Today we are going to find out which is the best washing machine in India. This article will specifically list the best fully automatic top loading washing machine and the best fully automatic front loading washing machine in India. Not to ...

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Which is the best semi automatic washing machine in India?

Click the above image to play the classic Videocon semi automatic washing machine ad from my childhood days. Unfortunately, none of the Videocon washing machine models qualified in the top 10 list of best semi automatic washing machines. When ...

Which are the top 5 best washing machine detergents in India?

A washing machine alone cannot remove stains, it requires a partner. A partner which can pull out stains with the help of the force of water and friction created by the washing machine. That partner is the laundry detergent. Let's have a look at all ...