10 tips to take care of washing machine & extend its life!

Washing machine care & preventive maintenance – Why is it important?

Washing machines are not cheap. They can be costly if you want all the latest jazzy features to make your life easier. To get the most out of the money you spent in a washing machine, it is essential that they last longer – for centuries if possible. That is the sole purpose of this short guide – washing machine care to extend its life.

This short washing machine care guide is in three sections – Setup, Daily Care and Maintenance. I recommend reading the entire guide to get the maximum life out of your washing machine.

washing machine care

Washing machine setup & installation tips to extend its lifespan –

The first thing you do after the delivery of the new washing machine is – set it up. The way a washing machine is setup will determine how long it will last, how safe it will be and how effectively it will work.

Usually, a company sent technicians will do the installation for you. I would like you to bookmark this page or maybe jot down these points to ensure he does his job correctly and not for formality.

  1. Do not install the washing machine in a bathroom – a) it is hazardous for your family (especially children). b) splashes of water, steam from the water heater can reduce the life of the washing machine.
    washing machine flat legs

    The washing machine should be on a flat surface, and it shouldn’t rock!

  2. Install washing machine on a flat surface, check the balance through spirit level app for your android or apple mobile. Installing on a sloping surface (especially in bathrooms) or carpet can cause lots of vibrations which can easily damage the washing machine.
  3. Ensure that washing machine’s legs are in the level. You can do this by pressing down any opposite corners of the washing machine; the washing machine should not rock. If the washing machine rocks like a rockstar, or a drunk person – it means either the foot are not in level, or they are damaged. Check and fix the feet of the washing machine.
  4. If the tap is old or there is no plumbing to connect the washing machine permanently, then get proper plumbing installed – I know it will cost money – but its worthy one-time investment that you can use for this and all the future washing machines too.

Daily care tips for your washing machine (prevention is better than cure repairs) –

Once the washing machine is set up and in use, follow these simple tips to ensure your washing machine works without giving you a headache for years and years to come.

  1. Avoid using hard water (boring water/ well water) to wash clothes. What is hard water? Hard water is not hard to feel. It has too many minerals and salt (as water comes from under the ground) which can damage the washing machine. Also, hard water prevents foaming of detergent which means clothes may not be washed properly. If that is the only option, then get a water softener to convert hard water to soft water.
  2. Do not keep damp clothes on the top of a front load washing machine. Some people take out washed clothes from the washing machine tub and temporarily keep it on the top of the machine. These clothes are still a little damp and can damage the button on the control panel.
  3. Check for coins/ keys/ phones in clothes before washing clothes. Yes, once I forgot my phone and directly put clothes for washing. Thud Thud Thud, loud sounds, and the phone is gone, and washing tub got a dent too.
  4. Do not leave wet clothes/ or water in the washing machine for too long. If you want to soak clothes overnight to remove stubborn stains, soak it in a bucket instead of washing machine tub.
  5. Never overload the washing machine with too many clothes. Overloading puts extra pressure on washing machine motor which reduces the life of the washing machine. Plan 3 years in future before buying a machine. Expecting another family member soon (marriage in the family, etc…)? Get a bigger size machine as you won’t change machine for next three years at least.
  6. Avoid excessive detergents, it won’t help in cleaning excessively stained clothes. As a matter of fact, excessive detergent can create an excessive foam which can accumulate in washing machine’s drainage system and damage it. Always use detergent as recommended on the detergent pack or the washing machine manual. I know, who reads these instructions? Just read it for few washes, and you will remember it for the increased lifetime of the washing machine.
  7. Clean the lint filter after every wash. Cleaning the lint filter will not only help maximize the life of the washing machine but also prevent fine cotton lint from sticking on your clothes.
Open and clean the lint filter after every wash

Open and clean the lint filter after every wash

Regular maintenance tips for your washing machine (maximize the lifetime of your machine) –

Cleaning the washing machine with a dry cloth

Cleaning the washing machine with a dry cloth

  1. Clean the washing machine regularly with a washing machine descaler or mild detergent. Readers in the US can use Tide washing machine cleanerRemember to switch off and unplug the power cord before cleaning. Clean it from outside and also inside the tub. Remove the dirt from the edges of the lid too. Few washing machines come with a cleaning program which will spin the tub with just water and detergent – no clothes. If you don’t have such program, then just use a regular wash only program but do not put clothes. That will clean the tub from the inside.
  2.  Finally, wipe the inside and outside of the machine with a dry cloth to prevent damage due to moisture.
  3. Check all the pipes, pipe connectors/ hoses & taps regularly. Ensure they are not leaking. Leaking pipes can be very dangerous, if the pipe is leaking – change it immediately.
  4. Once every three months – call an authorized service technician of the washing machine company to service the washing machine from the inside. Never try opening the machine yourself.
Tub clean cycle in a washing machine

Tub clean cycle in a washing machine

Yeah, thirteen things to remember – seems too much? Worry not, practice these tips for few times and it will become a natural habit.

I usually buy expensive appliances on credit card. And paying EMIs for months and months to cover off the credit card bills is a pain. Using these tips, I can save a lot of money towards never ending EMIs.

Even if you are wealthy enough to afford huge expenses easily, why not buy something else from the money you save?

Again, just a few days of following the tips and it becomes a routine – a money-saving routine. All the best.

If you’ve got more washing machine care tips to share, comment below and help the humanity.