Who the hell are you, as in me?

I am me, the blogger of…. this blog, the writer of these words and sentences.

On a serious note – my name is Shahid. I live in a small, crowded, congested, noisy, dusty but lovely town – Bhiwandi. I am a part-time blogger because I have a full-time job of evaluating call quality for calls taken by employees in a call center situated in Thane. I love everything tech. I love gaming too, but these days I hardly find free time to play video games. These days I am occupied with blogging – one of my favorite hobbies. Are there too many I’s!

No, I don’t love cricket.

Why am I helping you?

Well –  3 reasons. Hobby, research skills & money.

  1. It is my hobby to blog. I love writing and learning. Blogging fulfills both these interests.
  2. My family, friends, and colleagues always consult me before buying electronic gadgets, computers, phones and appliances. That is because I love researching for them, finding the most suitable product as per their needs and budget. I thought, why not create a blog and help you too.
  3. Ads, links to Amazon & Flipkart will help me earn a commission to support the cost of running this blog. And if the blog does well, it will be the secondary source of income for me.

What markets I cover and how up to date is the information?

Currently, this blog will specifically target appliances available in US & India. The information in this blog will be updated regularly to keep up with new product launches, latest innovations and price fluctuations. To let you know how recent is the information provided – I will mention the update date in the article.

What next?



I’ll do some research to find what you readers are researching about and help you with your research in finding the best and the most suitable household appliance.

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